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A funny shirt that says "Quick Fix PC Repair guide" and has instructions for a quick repair
Some guy wearing a funny t-shirt that says "quick fix pc repair guide"

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Quick-Fix PC Repair Guide T-Shirt

You will probably encounter people in your life that constantly require service for their PC. They are so annoying. They have difficulty turning their computer on, they open suspicious emails that infect their PC with viruses, they click on spyware links and get trojans, etc. These people are certainly better off if they just packed up their PC, put it back in the box, and sent it back to the manufacturer. They can then return to a world that is more normal to them, full of mundane dullness and excruciating boredom.

You'll need this shirt which acts as a nice handy little guide that you can wear wherever you go.

Design is printed using High Quality Plastisol Ink on 100% Cotton tee.

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